About Miss Glitzy

Thank you for stopping by my Glitzy page! My name is Jeanne, aka Miss Glitzy.  Proud Momma of two great grown-ups now.  My daughter has cheered since she was five years old and has coached for the same recreational team she grew up cheering for - my son has played baseball ever since I can remember.  And yes, there are times when I show up to a game with sparkly fabric and sit in the bleachers assembling my Glitzy bows while I cheer his team on!!!!  Happily married to my best friend for over 20 years, my hubby has supported me throughout this sparkly endeavor whole-heartedly.  Even at times, when there are sequins mysteriously stuck to the bottom of his shoes or my son has a sparkle on the back of his shirt, my family doesn't mind =) 

Sometimes things just 'fall into your lap' and you have trust it ~ that's sorta what happened to me.  I've always had a knack for making bows and in the past have made quite a few bows for my friends, family and neighbors.  My daughter suggested that I start a business.  Long story - short (this makes me laugh because I've NEVER told a short story in my life!!!!) Anyway, I made some decorative holiday bows for a cheer coach and dropped them off at a gym where her team practiced.  Short story - I walked out of the gym with 2 huge team orders for cheer bows.  I took the 'sample' they gave me home to study it, and after taking it apart, I 'knew' I could make it better.  So I made a trial website for one month and made a facebook fanpage to see how things would be received.  That was January 2011.  Since then, first and foremost, we have met the most wonderful, dedicated, loyal, inspirational people, we have almost 25,000 facebook fans, have since hired our wonderful Glitzy Staff, made thousands of bows for hundreds of teams/customers and we proudly manage this incredibly fun website!    

We love making each individual bow!  Each bow is different and unique ~ just like it's owner or team! The best part is when we get an email or a picture and see the SMILES!  Love that!  So make sure you check out our BowPeeps page and read all of the wonderful testimonials from clients from all over the world!  Our bows are PROUDLY made in the USA!  We have shipped all over the world! 

Thanks again for stopping by!  Hope you have a chance to browse through the site, and if you have any questions - just shoot me an email!  missglitzy@glitzycheerbows.com 

Miss Glitzy

~making the world a 'lil more sparkly...one ponytail at a time!