• Heart Eyes Emoji Bow


    Heart Eyes Emoji Bow
  • Valentines Day Box of Bows


    Valentines Day Box of Bows
  • Burst Design Purple/Black


    Burst Design Purple/Black
  • Royal Marilyn


    Royal Marilyn
  • double petal


    double petal with rhinestone embellishments

    double petal


  • new in town resized


    new in town resized
  • baseball collage


    baseball collage
  • VERONA 2013 JV


    VERONA 2013 JV


  • Fusion Glitzy Gals


    Fusion Glitzy Gals
  • Sasha Fierce Bow


    Sasha Fierce Bow
  • Flames glitter



    Flames glitter
  • Softball JF Tournament at Diamond Nation NJ


    Softball JF Tournament at Diamond Nation NJ
  • Glamorous Glitz


    Glamorous Glitz
  • custom name sports bra resized


    custom name sports bra resized
  • Softball Red Group


    Softball Red Group
  • Sugar Skulls Group


    Sugar Skulls Group
  • Train Like a Beast


    Train Like a Beast
  • BIG Bling!


    BIG Bling!
  • TCA dream team


    TCA Dream Team 2015

    TCA dream team
  • Twinkle Bow


    Twinkle Bow


  • Twinkle Bow Close Up Pink


    Twinkle Bow Close Up Pink
  • Achievement Bow


    Achievement Bow
  • softball collage


    softball collage
  • black ice pink cheetah chevron tails


    black ice pink cheetah chevron tails
  • The Few The Proud


    The Few The Proud
  • falcons


  • Sequin Cheetah


    Sequin Cheetah
  • Twinkle Twinkle Bow


    Twinkle Twinkle Bow
  • flames tails


    flames tails
  • Diamond Cut Softball Bows


    Clear Diamond Cut on Hot Pink

    Diamond Cut Softball Bows
  • Full 2tone Swirl


    Full 2tone Swirl
  • Sequin Cheetah group


    Sequin Cheetah group
  • sequin stars


    sequin stars

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Custom Glitz is our specialty at Glitzy Cheer Bows!  If you're looking for some extra sparkle and shine, you have found the right place!  Together, we can design the PERFECT bow for your team!  If you are interested in a custom bow for your team, or if you're looking for a special color or fabric - just send me an email missglitzy@glitzycheerbows.com !!

New services offered to Coaches and/or Gym Directors!  After your bow selection has been made, you can eliminate the process of collecting funds from parents for bows and send them directly to me!  I will do all of the work (or this website will!)  See the Team Bow Payment page for details.  Your team will have their own link and you can either have a picture of your team bow or you can keep that 'TOP SECRET'!  An updated list will be provided for you within 24 hours of your request.  A field will be available for Cheerleader's name (sometimes parents/guardians last names may be different).  I will work closely with you to determine a deadline for all payments from your team.

Double hair bands are also available for an additional charge.  Kind of like insurance, in case one should break the second band will act as back-up!  Individual storage boxes are also available to keep your bow in pristine condition. This option is  available for all bows on the website, including the team bow payment bows.

If you're looking for custom comp bows, make sure to check out the list of teams on the Home Page to see if there are any teams that you may be competing against.  I can double check to make sure that your team DOES NOT show up to the same competition with the same style Glitzy bow as another Glitzy team!

Finally, don't forget to 'Create an Account' with the website - this will enable you to check the status of your orders, give you access to tracking information, AND you will be eligible for special 'exclusive offers and specials' for Members Only throughout the year!